Improved health and wellbeing, double the value for money!

Our hard standing pens are our unique selling point, they offer excellent value and provide an excellent environment for horses! Here are some of their advantages:
  1. Great for maintaining a winter routine. Horses will always be out of their stable during the day.
  2. Saves owner bedding costs and mucking out time.
  3. Reduces risk of mud rash, poor quality feet, pulled shoes from muddy fields.
  4. Much healthier both physically and mentally for horse to spend as much time outside which can be a major challenge in our part of the country.
  5. Horses sane and much safer to handle because they are out of their stable every day.
  6. Allows horse to maintain some of their herd instinct i.e. can groom and interact with their neighbour and feel safe and calm with their pals near them.
  7. Mentally stimulated watching the world go by. Always something going on at the farm, horses being exercised in the school, dogs playing, walkers passing through, etc.
  8. Worth their weight in gold for any horse who for medical reasons cannot get field turnout. Pens next to fields so horse can still see their pals and will often have company for part of the day.
  9. At Gryffeside we are not a fan of horses spending all day in their stables when the ground is wet. However, we are also not a fan of horses going out in to fields of mud. They are out to graze. The pens allow us to offer our clients a happy medium.
  10. Owners effectively get double for their money. For the one price you get an indoor stable and an outdoor one!
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